Saturday, November 24, 2012

Homemade lip balm

Curious Mr Loki

I whacked a simple recipe off the net and whipped up a delicious lip balm. It took me exactly 10 minutes, and five simple steps. Been using it for the last couple of days, and it's made my lips totally soft and supple.

You will need:
2 tbsp coconut oil (semi hard)
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp brown sugar
a pinch of cocoa (optional)

Why honey? honey has anti microbial and antiseptic properties, it also attracts and locks in moisture.
Why brown sugar? It's natural, cheap and coarse, which makes it excellent for your exfoliating needs. It's an excellent source of Vitamin B as well.
Why coconut oil? Extremely high it anti oxidants, it can penetrate deep into the skin to prevent and protect against the formation of free radicals that makes the skin lose its elasticity. Regular application protects the skin from developing blemishes. This oil is regarded as the best natural lotion for the skin.

Step 1: Pour the coconut oil onto the bowl and mix it with honey till you get a nice thick paste.

Step 2: Once you get a smooth paste, add the brown sugar and stir the mixture with a fork till smooth.

Step 3: Add a pinch of cocoa powder if you want a yummy chocolate flavour. You can also add vanilla essence.

Step 4: Stir the mixture in the bowl till smooth. Pour into the jar and leave it outside for ten minutes to settle, and then store in the fridge. The balm should stay good for about a month. You can also make a larger quantity, store it in a cool place and use it as a face or body scrub.