Friday, February 8, 2013


Delhi- Jaisalmer- Jodhpur. I can't believe we're going on a proper vacation together after more than a year. We spent the last New Years 2012 in Ireland, just seems so long back. It feels like 'not much' yet so much has happened over the last twelve months Recounting the events, I feel good and thankful about so many things that have worked out so right for us.

It began with an awesome New Years dinner in the Artisan Cafe in Cork.  Walking through the streets of Dublin, the St Stephens Green, kissing the Blarney stone, the Trinity college... Ram got his gift of eloquence, and the desire to be in a place that inspires and encourages creative writers. Ram has applied to this college to pursue a masters degree.

We shifted homes in January. Suddenly it was moving out from one room to three rooms and three balconies! After insane of trips various furniture bazaars, malls and nurseries... I think we have managed to set up a beautiful home. (Ram says I have totally gone overboard with the furniture, but I am never for 'minimal')
We got home the cutest puppy, and aptly named him Loki. He brings us so much joy every day, every single second. From a puppy that would fit in a palm to a massive rowdy it's been a blessing to watch him grow, our own baby. He is sitting all curled up right now under the chair trying to pull strings off a doormat.
August. A surprise ten day trip to Pattaya was a treat. Although it was on work, we spent most of the days bumming in beaches, drinking and shopping. A long ride on a luxury yacht, an experience I'll not forget in a hurry.

Ram's foray into writing. The graphic novel 'The Aghori' was an astounding success. It was even nominated in the ComicCon awards for best series. It has opened doors for a bunch of new projects and I'm happy and excited about that.

Diwali and a mini vacation to Goa. Beach bumming again. I'm reminded of the Italian phrase I first heard in the movie 'Eat,Pray, Love' . "Dolce Far Niente", or the 'sweetness of doing nothing'
From sweetness of nothing, to the sweetness of baking. I think getting that oven was long overdue. I have just realized how much I love baking, and how easy it is. We have started to enjoy cooking together a lot more and exploring so many new recipes.

A vegetable garden in our balcony! I never thought that would work. Tomatoes and limes. Cilantro. I have planted some chillies as well. My attempt at home composting was also a big success. The first batch of manure did wonders to the vegetable and flower plants.

And this blog. Pinning down memories, trivial and tiny as they may be. It feels good to write, I get excited about clicking pictures, putting them all together like a little scrapbook.