Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dog Park

We knew of this 'Dog park' close to our place, and I don't know why it took us so long to take Loki there. Maybe we were scared that he would misbehave and attack the other dogs and their fuming owners. He hasn't really socialized with other dogs before and Loki is just a lot more hyper than any dog I've come across. He thinks he is still a puppy and jumps at anyone nearly knocking them over.

We went to the park last weekend, and for the first time in the past year we let Loki loose in public. He was so delighted to roam free, I'm sure he must have been over the moon! He could run, play, explore wherever he wanted without a chain holding him back all the time. There were half a dozen other dogs, quite a few labs, beagles and irish setters and Loki for the first time in the company of so many dogs was all over the place. Just couldn't contain his excitement. And there was no way to control him either. He tried to bully some, and successful at that, but some tiny dogs did manage to scare him as well. It was really funny to see him back off in front of a beagle half his size!

Thankfully there were no casualties. Even the owners didn't seem to mind him constantly tugging for attention. So we will probably take him again this weekend. Maybe later this evening.

Loki spends hours by the window watching stars