Sunday, December 22, 2013

Feeling Christmassy

Nishant & Silja setting up the tree

So I have moved out of my home, and staying at a friends' for a month or so. Missing my old apartment, missing Ram, and sweet Loki. But now I am enjoying the company of little Schnuggi. Tiny and extremely shy, her favorite spot to hide is inside the rice cooker.

Off late she has taken a fascination to one white snowman ornament hanging from the Christmas tree. She jumps onto the couch and tries to pull the toy. She loves the tree. In fact my friend rescued her from the streets this same time last year, and she snuggled up under the Christmas tree and refused to come out, like it was her home. I guess she was their Christmas gift last year. So it's that time of the year again.... wine, carols, fairy lights, the Boney M holiday playlist. And little Schnuggi head popping out of the Christmas tree!

My last month in Mumbai, and I don't know if I'll miss the city much, (although it's been very good to me professionally and personally) but I'm quite sure I'll miss my friends and furry buddies. 

in high spirits