Monday, November 19, 2012

Coochicooo love Bambooo

Leave Loki alone in the balcony for a few minutes... he goes for the rough and crunchy bamboo leaves. I don't mind it so much, as the bamboo has grown pretty wild and out of control. It was in a sad anorexic state when I got it from our old house, but a couple of months in the balcony and sunlight has done wonders!

Another interesting development. The rose plant that Loki demolished a few weeks back, literally down to a limp stump has now sprouted a bunch of leaves. It's looking a lot healthier than it was before! Similar story with the 'raat ki raani'. The more he destroys, the more they rise back like a phoenix! Or maybe I would like to think that Loki has a 'magic' touch :-)