Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blushing buddies

My experiments with growing tomatoes so far have been rather unsuccessful. You need have a lot of patience and affection when it comes to gardening or tending to plants, but this apart a lot perseverance. I first tried growing from seed, which was a total flops show. Even after a month it didn’t show even a hint of sprouting. I then got a sapling in a small pot. In a few weeks time, the leaves started to dry and wilt. I then read somewhere that tomatoes require space to spread their roots and grow deep. Maybe the small pot wasn’t the best idea. 
So this time I got a fairly big pot with a semi grown plant, and placed it in an east facing balcony, so it gets large amounts of sunlight though most parts of the day. Care needed to be taken like stirring the soil once in three to four days and adding handfuls of organic manure once a week at least.
After two months, I’m finally seeing my first blushing tomato ball. The leaves and branches are looking good, now we have to wait and watch whether if manages to grow further in the current pot.
Loki has been a good boy so far and hasn’t gone for the ripe tomato yet. Hopefully he doesn’t get to it before I do :)
Will keep you updated on tomato two!