Saturday, September 28, 2013

Puppy's first surgery

It was a rainy Saturday morning, when we took Loki puppy to the vet. He was all excited and jumpy, - he probably thought we are going out on a picnic. Honestly it doesn't take much to get Loki excited. Just call out his name with a high pitched 'ki...' at the end, and he will stare at you for five seconds, before dashing across the house to grab a toy. Say the name 'figo' ... his big retriever brother, and he rushes to get his leash, in the hope of meeting his old friend, oh well.... he can't be that smart can he, maybe he thinks 'figo' is just another word for 'lets go out'

I wish there was some way we could have told him...'no, don't get excited, it's a doctor you're going to meet, for a relatively painful surgery. No ... dont get all happy and make us feel more guilty about this. What would you think of us, after coming back. Would you think of us as cruel parents, or would you not even know the difference, jump onto our bed at night, lick our faces in the morning, as if nothings happened.

So, we arrive early, around 10 am, and as soon as the doctor got in, she gave him a sedative. Although she said he would get groggy in fifteen minutes, it took almost forty five minutes for the effect to kick in. Puppy couldn't contain his excitement. New place, new people around, and a whole lot of attention, Loki was in no mood to sleep.

 at the clinic

The surgery lasted about an hour, and believe it or not, the doctor said Loki woke up a couple of times in the middle, so they had to pump in an extra dose of anesthesia.

The saddest was seeing him post surgery. He was quite unconscious, eyes half closed and his tongue sticking out, it was a scary sight, he looked dead. As we wrapped him in a blanket and carried him to the car, we could hear him wincing. and he cried for the very first time. It was a desperate painful cry for help, and all we could do was rub his forehead and tell him 'everything's gonna be ok... just hang in there'

He never spoke to us the entire day. I guess he was too tired, and not fully conscious. He couldn't even hold his head up to sit, and was resting his neck on a chair, and at other times, he looked like a little bobble head doll.
post surgery

The next morning, when we were woken up by crazy nonstop slobbering.  How relieved to get our puppy back in his form. They said he would calm down post surgery, become more dormant, mature... blah blah... well, nothing of that sort, though I was hoping he would sober down a teeny bit.

On my recent visit to the vet, she tells me 'but maybe this is just his personality, just meant to be hyper'. I couldn't help but smile, loved that she said that. Of course it's his personality, what else should we expect, after all we named him 'Loki'. It would just be wrong if he wasn't the annoying mischievous brat we fell in love with, Infact as I'm writing this, he has quietly stolen my socks and gone hiding under the table, watching me slyly from the corner of the eye.

Some precautions we needed to take after the neutering surgery- no walks for at least a couple of days. The stitches were fresh, and the roads wet and dirty. needed to ensure that he didn't lick the wound. We had got the 'cone of shame', just in case, but he was a good boy and didn't bother the wound at all. He was extremely well behaved even when he got the stitches removed. Give this dog a chew stick and he wont feel the nastiest needle in his bum.

Woke up this morning to see the brat happily propped on top of the table in the balcony. I freaked out a little, but this fellow is totally fearless.