Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oatmeal fruit n' nut whole wheat bread

Time to get a bit more ambitious with the baking. Bread. Somehow it always seemed so complicated. Watching tv shows, where they have these huge professional looking ovens, pastry chefs stressing how hard it is to make a perfect loaf, seemed like a faraway dream.
My mom found this simple healthy recipe. It was egg-less and used whole wheat flour. I also had an entire tin of oats that I never used. Perfect.

I made a slight modification to the original recipe. I didn't use as much banana. Just half a small banana chopped finely. Instead of the chocolate chips, I used dairy milk fruit and nut. The raisins and the walnuts in it give a nice crunch. The light hint of cinnamon was wonderful and our home smelt like heaven tonight!